Ensure consistent images

Your photos are a large and important part of your shop, and consistent images give a more professional look.
To achieve uniformity use the same background, the same structure and the same crop for each product possibly 5% margin.
Good idea is to put your notes in a spreadsheet where you have information about the distance to the image camera setup, etc., so you have it for next time.

Take several of the details of the product and many product images

Your customers do not have the opportunity to twist and turn and the product, with individual pictures,
opportunity they get if you choose our spin360 images.
Remember that many things coming back is because the details of the pictures are not good enough,
so therefore take as many details and pictures if the product requires it, like from all angles

View product function and how the use, possibly together with other products.

You can make extra out of your product images also show them in the environment they are used in.
In addition, you get a good view of the size of the machine, and how the product can be used if necessary. along with other products
Photos from the working environment is also a good inspiration selling.

The light is more important than the camera

When you need to start photographing your products
you do not need to go out and buy an SLR, immediately.
Important is to get the right light for your images.
When it comes to the light, daylight is your best friend. A flash usually gives some sharp shadows.
A larger light source such as a light-giving a softer shade that works best at product images.
Alternative is a DIY light set / table / tent can be bought for little money many places.
One can also get by with the camera in one of the newer iPhones or similar phones.
We can also take pictures for you.
We also offer to take and deliver 360 gr. Images with a finished file placed on our server,
just ready for your website / shop.

Made pictures & Upload in the right size

Your product images must sell the product, so important is that the picture is not too small.
You can see the details and be able to see the image in big size, possibly. with zoom.
Therefore, make sure that you upload in the largest size that can be displayed in your shop. just ask. your provider
Our own WebShop2 assume default images in 800 x 600 pixels and automatically scales the image down, where necessary
Many are doing by now the images larger 1200 x 1500 or 1200 x1200 so you can zoom out and get many more details

For visibility on the Internet give your pictures a product name.

The Internet is the world’s largest marketplace, and like any marketplace
There must be order, so it is important that you give your pictures real names.
Product name or number (or both) can be a good solution, it helps
you being visible on Google (SEO), when people search a product
many uses image search instead of the ordinary list search.
So called your photo product name, dolls you with larger bolts are up in Google’s image search.

Exposed pictures for give more choices

Photo masking and clipping is one of our core services at spin360.dk
This means to remove the background from an image, or, to identify a portion of an image.
Focus shifts from if it’s a mannequin wearing any clothes, the clothes them selves.
Or a distracting background can be removed or replaced with something more appropriate.
It is a very time-consuming work, but leave it to us,
we make the image as you wish with background & perhaps shadows.
It also allows you for possibly to use the images for marketing

Ensuring images against someone stealing them.

Be a little large, and take it as a compliment if someone seems you have made
a good job, Alternative call them and ask them to remove the pictures, the most people respect it.